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Ruth’s Healing Circle
~  The Reconnection ~
with Ruth Dieterle

Tuesday,  October 13

6:30 – 8 pm    $30 suggested donation

 “A person immersed in reconnective energy is experiencing more than a “fix-it” job. They’re permeated with light; exchanging information in a ‘high-level’ conference with the universe.”  Dr. Eric Pearl, Founder of The Reconnection®   

Within Ruth‘s Healing Circle, these extremely powerful, very real and intense healing frequencies will be activated and course through the entire audience. All attendees receive a personal Healing. Each person‘s experience is unique and perfect for them, whether one experiences profound relaxation, insights, clarity, or nothing at all.  
To register or to book a private session: 

Crystal Bowl Meditation Flight 432
with Daniel Brower

Daniel Brower will share his 432 tuned crystal bowls and a sound experience like unto a magic carpet ride!

Wednesday, October 14
6:30 – 8:30      $30
Please save your place in advance HERE.

The 432 musical scale is considered to be the most natural sound and the original tuning system since tunable instruments appeared. Mozart and the other great masters used this attunement for their symphonies. It was around for hundreds of years until it was replaced by the A/440 scale about 75 years ago.

Many people have never heard the A/432 sound. When you do hear and feel it for the first time, especially when played with the crystal bowls, you have an opportunity to travel beyond our planetary consciousness and make contact with the Cosmic Consciousness! And, there, you can resonate with higher, more elevated thoughts, feelings and frequencies.

Daniel has been sharing the 432 crystal bowls since 2012 and has observed the profound and wonderful effect it has on people.

  Offered by Daniel Brower, founder and director of Circle of Sound, an international family of crystal bowl players… He has 20 years experience with crystal bowls and 10 years experience with the Essene Teachings Contact him at .

Bringing Joy and Easing Pain
The Practice of Right Action in Daily Life

Sangha with Michael Ciborski

Wednesday, October 21    
7 -9 pm   
Registration at 6:30 pm
Suggested donation:  $15 – $25

To register contact Dr. Nellie Grose at 

Every day, through our actions, we make a contribution to Life, to our own livelihood and also to the health and well being of those around us.
Mindfulness helps to guide our actions, bringing us deeply in touch with Life, and developing the understanding of our interbeing nature. Your happiness is my happiness. Your suffering is my suffering. The path of mindfulness is also the path of compassionate action.

Michael Ciborski is a lineage holding Dharma teacher in the tradition of Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh. He lived as a monk for seven years in Plum Village, France, and has worked intimately with Thich Nhat Hanh and the monastic community to organize, support and offer meditation retreats around the world.  A skilled musician as well, he lives now in New Hampshire with his wife and children, where they are building a residential mindfulness practice community and education center for sustainable living. Michael will be leading a retreat in Brehnam, Texas, from Oct 18-21, 2012. For more info, go to

Past Life & Between Lives Regressions
Private sessions with Mark Johnson

October 21 – 25
Call ahead to hold one of the times available.   
Contact Mark for your appointment at

Who were you in a past life?

Are there any talents, gifts and abilities in your past lives that you could access today?

Are you holding on to any vows or contracts you made with yourself that need to be released? 

Call Mark at 214-432-6624 or visit his website for more information or to
signup for a session.

Mark Johnson is a Second Generation Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Therapist from Dallas. Mark travels  from Texas to Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Georgia and South Carolina to serve his clients. .In addition to Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives sessions, Mark also offers Basic and Advanced Hypnotherapy Training, Past Life Regression Training and he also teaches Life Between Lives through the Michael Newton Institute.

Call Mark at 214-432-6624 or visit his website for more information or email  for a private session.

Experience the Circle Of Wealth

Learn to Manifest Riches in Every Area of Your Life!

The Circle of Wealth is a supportive, global network designed to inspire you to reach your financial, spiritual, emotional, and relational wealth.
The Circle of Wealth teaches and applies the techniques and principles of The One CommandTM. Join us for an exciting evening on the ground 
floor as we develop the Houston Circle, experience and discover how The One CommandTM will work for you, and link to other circles around the globe.

Tuesday, November 10
6:30 – 8:30pm    $35

 Fee includes light dinner and fresh juice.
Please RESERVE your place in advance by Sunday, October 4th.

To make your reservation please call or text: 713-253-5101

This Process is easy and fun, and IT WORKS!
Discover How The One CommandTM Will Work For You

• Learn and experience a 6-step process to easily manifest
your dreams and goals
• Create a powerful network of support for your personal
and professional success
• Relax and energize your body and mind

In the Circle of Wealth, we build a caring, supportive network, and use that support and our resources to move toward our goals and dreams. In this environment, our intentions become clear and we become more personally accountable through the use of
The One Command.

This physiological process clears neuro pathways of past issues and conflicts. You will process your goals in a deep Alpha-Theta brain state and let your subconscious do the work. Then you will experience what is available and waiting for you right now.

facilitated by Vicki Sherman LCSW, CBP, and Certified One Command Circle Leader. Vicki is also a skilled Integrative Success Coach, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and yoga instructor, who nourishes the hearts and minds of her clients.
Please make your reservation by Sunday, October 4th.  Thank you!


Holotropic Breathwork Workshop

Friday Evening November 6 and
Saturday November 7, 2015

Holotropic BreathworkTM is a powerful approach to self-exploration, personal growth, and healing. Using deep breathing and evocative music, it creates a rich experience that helps participants access their own inner wisdom, promoting insights, self-awareness, and well- being.

The term “holotropic” means “moving towards wholeness.” Created by psychiatrist Stanislav Grof and Christina Grof, and grounded in Stan Grof’s fifty years of clinical research and study, Holotropic Breathwork integrates insights from transpersonal and depth psychology, anthropology, Eastern spiritual practices and mystical traditions.

Led by certified and experienced facilitators Pam Stockton, MA, LPC and Mark Ryan, Ph.D., this workshop offers a supportive context for each person’s unique inner quest. In the setting of a small group, participants work in pairs, alternating the roles of experiencer and witness in separate sessions of approximately three hours. The sessions are preceded by an explanation of the technique and followed by experiential processes designed to help integrate the Breathwork journey into everyday life.

Our workshop will be held in the Jones Building at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, 5501 Main St Houston, TX, 77004. We express our appreciation to St. Paul’s for its hospitality.

Registration is limited to 20. The workshop will be held on Friday evening from 6 pm to 9 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 9 pm. The cost for the workshop, which includes a light lunch and dinner on Saturday, is $175.

For more information and online registration, go to
Breathwork – Houston
 or call Pam Stockton at 713-416- 4678.


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