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Upcoming at Spectrum Center

Precision Deep Muscle Therapy with Ease
Continuing Education Courses for Massage Therapists
with Monica Mullen

Quads, Hams & Adductors

Sunday, September 14
12:00pm- 6:00pm       6 CE credit
$120 / $110 if reg. 10 days prior

These critical muscles are often not understood how much they influence and can cause pain in areas such as knees and backs. Learn some key secrets that will help you unlock holding patterns for your clients which will give them much relief.

To register and for more information, call Monica Mullen 713-582-2585, email or go to 

Reconnective Healing Circle
with Ruth Dieterle                          

Thursday, September 18 

6:30 – 9pm    $30 suggested donation

 “A person immersed in reconnective energy is experiencing more than a “fix-it” job. They’re permeated with light; exchanging information in a ‘high-level’ conference with the universe.”  Dr. Eric Pearl, Founder of The Reconnection®   

Within Ruth‘s Healing Circle, these extremely powerful, very real and intense healing frequencies will be activated and course through the entire audience. All attendees receive a personal Healing. Each person‘s experience is unique and perfect for them, whether one experiences profound relaxation, insights, clarity, or nothing at all.  

To register or to book a private session: 

 Spectrum Center Writers Guild


The Art of the Blog

with Max Regan

Saturday, September 27

 1 – 6:00pm     $98

What the heck is a Blog and why would a writer need one? Web Logs (later shortened to “Blogs”) are on-going channels of communication and conversation that an individual writer can have with an on-line readership. But the stereotypes about blogging and bloggers are pervasive. We will tackle some of those myths as well as some of the biggest questions about the form; Does everyone have to blog? What is the purpose of a blog? Can you make money from one? Can you blog a book? What is a troll and how can you avoid them? Is there an easy formula for creating an interesting, relevant blog? How can we tie a blog to a business or writing career in a meaningful way? Join us !

Advance registration is requested. Please contact Rosa at

Getting Serious Series: 
The Art of Pushing Your Practice Forward

This class is full. If you are interested in this series, please ask to be placed on a waiting list.

Sunday, September 28 

Three part series – Sept. – Nov.

1 – 6pm     $120

“I have spent my days stringing and unstringing my instrument, while the song I came to sing remains unsung.” – R.Tagore

We love to write and wish we could do it more often. We take classes and read books, but after we’ve paid the bills, fed the cat, attended to family and friends and worried about the stock market, our writing practice is pushed into the small sliver of time left over. So it’s time to get serious.

This series is open to writers who have taken a Guild class previously. It is designed to reach writers in the Spectrum Guild who have projects or strong ideas about projects and develop strategies and customized game plans for how to bring your writing more fully into your life.

This class will include reading, writing and editing exercises to be done in between monthly sessions. Contact Rosa at


IMAGINATION Online Bootcamp

with Max Regan 

October 1 – 10      $190

Max runs online Bootcamps Feb, July & Oct.

This Bootcamp will focus exclusively on the IMAGINATION!  This 10-day intensive is designed to invite you to PLAY, to experiment wildly and practice strengthening the muscles of your imagination. You might have fiction, a novel, story, screenplay idea or projects already underway. But even if you are a writer of non-fiction, memoir, poetry or other genres, working in the imagination can make you a stronger writer. The Bootcamp class is an immersive experience of being a writer. Students receive 3 writing prompts every day via email. Each student will generate at least 1,000 typed words each day for 10 days, and email their daily, messy first-draft work to Max by 12:01 (your local time) each night. Max will print out and read the work each night and, when the 10-day class is over, he will schedule a phone session with each student so they can discuss the work together and talk about their next steps as a writer. Bootcamp classes are open to any interested writer. To register contact   MORE INFO.

The Art of Waking Up

40 Days to Awaken Your Brain
and Create Change

with Angela Caughlin

Tuesdays, September 30 – November 4
6:30 – 8pm     $45 per class

40 Days to Awaken Your Brain is for the brave and the courageous and those who are just plain tired of leaving their lives to chance.

Angela combines neuroscience and spirituality with the tools of journaling, mindfulness, meditation and discussion to create and implement a 40 day plan for change unique to YOU.

This 5 Week Course is limited in size to insure individualized attention to each participant. Reserve your place in advance. Please register early to save your place by emailing Angela at  

On-Going Classes

EFT Weekly Tap
with Helen Racz

Thursdays, 7-8:30pm
Donations accepted

What is EFT and what’s the buzz about?

EFT and Depression

The ever popular EFT Weekly tap continues with Helen Racz every Thursday evening from 7-8:30pm.  Join Helen and learn to use the highly effective Emotional Freedom Technique for your self and your friends and family. EFT is a meridian based therapy which is so simple you can learn to use it at home!  Some of the issues which receive beneficial results are chronic pain, weight loss, anxiety, ADD, stress and performance.  Join the group energy on Thursdays for that special boost to your intentions!   Questions? Contact Helen at .  And, go to Helen’s website.

Twin Hearts Meditation &  Pranic Healing Clinic 

1st and 3rd Friday evenings of each month 

September 5 & 19    6 - 8:30pm
Donations accepted

Try something new or return again!
Refresh yourself, calm your worries, open to healing and spiritual connection. 

Pranic Healing is a simple yet powerful & effective system of no-touch energy healing.  The practitioner is working in the bioplasmic or energy body and not directly on the physical body.  This meditation and open clinic is available to all. Questions? Contact Raja Jawalker at  or 832.437.2881.  

Friday Night Affirmation Gathering

with Doyle Ward

Now Once a Month! 

Friday, September 26th   7-8:30pm
(hold October 31st)

donations accepted

Do your thoughts influence your life? Find out by joining us each Friday night to learn about the impact of affirmative thinking! This is a powerful evening focused on affirmative thinking to help you achieve your dreams!

Join Life Coach and Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® Doyle Ward Friday nights for a different monthly series each month focusing on making Your life work better by Affirming and

Claiming your Best Life!!

Visit to sign up to receive free weekly affirmations or to book a private session with Doyle, call832.628.4113 or email


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