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After numerous attempts to solve problems with posting on the Facebook page, Celebrating Spectrum Center, FB shut us down.  Thank you to everyone who successfully posted and everyone who attempted to post. And, thank you for the numerous emails! If you want to be in contact simply email. Seems the most direct route to be in touch.  Much love – Rosa

Welcome!  We’re so glad you’re here!!

On April 1st Spectrum Center concluded 33 years of joyfully serving the Houston community. Thank you Team Spectrum for the donations generated that helped bring our lease to completion during this difficult time for small businesses.

If we were not in Covid time, we would be staging a big, rowdy farewell weekend where everyone who has enjoyed and experienced this extraordinary community could gather together. Instead, a Facebook page has been created to celebrate those years. We invite you to share what Spectrum Center has meant to you with memories and photos. Just click on this link  Celebrating Spectrum Center . You do not need to make a friend request to get in.

Many of you have attended private sessions with our practitioners or have attended our classes, workshops and special events. You may have found your dancing heart with Gabrielle Roth and continued dancing at Sweat Your Prayers, vibrated with sacred chants in one of the Deva Premal concerts, or discovered your writer through our Writers Guild. You may have taken a Hakomi workshop or training, discovered yoga with Satya back in the day when yoga was suspect, never missed an EFT Thursday night with Helen, or walked with other women, hand in hand, through the brambles of a midnight forest with Amina as we learned to trust ourselves and each other. Together we have raised our consciousness through fearless personal exploration and deep spiritual inquiry.

YOU are this community.  ALL of you have created and inspired the Spectrum community.

And, as we now honor Spectrum Center, take a moment to honor yourself for being part of creating and sustaining it.

Spectrum Center has always been more than the brick-and-mortar buildings we have occupied. Although the name will be retired, the spirit and heart will live on. It is my hope (after a little rest) to create a new newsletter and to sponsor new offerings, continuing to bring inspiring, gifted teachers to you as well as guest bloggers. A digital ‘zine of sorts is in the creation phase, and I will share it with you when it is ready.

As for me, I will be shifting my attention to continuing my private counseling practice, to putting down roots in Colorado, and to the deepening of my writing.  My arms are open to this next phase of my life, and I take each of you with me!

On the last day of our lease at Spectrum Center I was interviewed by Max Regan, the co-founder and inspiration for our Writers Guild, about how the Center began all those many years ago and what the Center and the community has meant to me. The text of the interview is posted HERE

Right now we welcome you to take part in Celebrating Spectrum Center by posting on our Facebook site.  What are your primary memories of Spectrum Center that bring you joy when you recall them?  Add photos to your post. Even though I have found many photos for our albums, I don’t have photos for all our teachers and practitioners covering 33 years. Please add to these albums or post on “Create Post”.

I look forward to hearing from you as we celebrate together!

Thank you for making this community my home for 33 years. I am sending love to each of you.

With Gratitude and Affection,

Rosa Glenn Reilly, Founder/ Spectrum Center

FB has re-directed all posts to the Community page (see next to Home). Use Create Post for your message and photos.  Then it will post to Community.  Please don’t post to Comments at the end of the the Letter or Interview. They are difficult to find.  Thanks!