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Amy Wofford

Myofascial Release and Kinesiology

Amy’s passion for health and overall body wellness comes from her personal experience and her advanced study of exercise science, and sports and fascia therapy.

With years of experience in treating multiple active sports professionals, aging athletes and repetitive injury patterns, I help individuals get out of pain and give them ways to keep themselves in alignment to prevent further injuries. The human body is complex and works as a unit, rather than independently operating subparts. Our body is not only comprised of the musculoskeletal system, but also includes both the fascia and neurological systems. All of these systems work together and are affected by our attitudes and the influences of our daily activities. My mission is to not only treat the symptoms, but also to address the ROOT CAUSE.

My deep tissue work is rooted in the treatment of fascia (the internal “web” of sub-dermal connective tissue). Fascia therapists are well versed in unleashing the fascia, freeing nerve flow, creating flexibility, reducing scar tissue and treating a host of problems presented by dysfunctional fascia. We are effective insolving “mysteries”overlooked by traditional tissue work.

I look forward to providing a thorough analysis of the cause of your pain and fixing it!  Contact me for an appointment:  979-216-7604 or

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