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Upcoming at Spectrum Center

Sacred Body Language Translations™

with Faith Bost and Honor Godin


One for Adults and One for Teens, ages 13-18

 Thursday, August 17

6:30 – 9:00pm      

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Would you like to know what your Higher Self is communicating through your body?

How would it be for you to easily find the emotional component to any body symptom and have those symptoms permanently resolved and your body restored to great health?

Come listen to the language of the sub-conscious as it speaks through your hands, feet, face, eyes, nose, body movements, wrinkles, symptoms, organs, glands and bodily functions, revealing a dramatically deeper understanding of who you are.

With every move you make, your body reveals your subconscious thoughts and hidden emotions. Discover the unspoken conversation in your body which reveals what your subconscious mind is communicating.Join us for this powerful evening that will transform the way you feel about yourself and your body.

This introductory workshop includes interactive presentations and demonstrations by Certified Sacred Body Language™ Translators, Faith Bost & Honor Godin.


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Make this consciousness-expanding & fun experience a gift to yourself!

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Sacred Body Language Translations™

For Teens – Ages 13 to 18

with Certified Conscious Language™ Facilitator, Lauren Zawadzki

Thursday, August 17

6:30 – 9:00pm      

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How would it be to have a FUN and EASY life?

How would it be to easily transform life challenges

 into strength and confidence?

Join us for this powerful evening that will transform the way you feel about yourself and your life.

Studies show that teens today experience significantly more stress than previous generations. They also report that more than half of young people experience overwhelming anxiety, and about a third feel intense depression during the school year.

Now more than ever, it is time to reclaim your power to transform seemingly difficult situations into blessings that will create growth and greater happiness!

•  Learn how to identify and eliminate limiting beliefs.

•  Explore what influences negative self-talk and where it originates.

•  Learn how to quickly transform self-sabotage.

•  Find the root of emotional upsets.

•  Turn your greatest weaknesses into your greatest strengths.

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And, after meeting Faith and Honor, join them for this timely and soul lifting workshop!


Remember the truth of who you really are, your great strengths and why you chose to embody as a woman at this time in history!

Sunday, August 20, 2017  

 10am – 4:30pm   $125   Register

Do you stumble when asking for what you want? 

Do you give easily, then avoid receiving?

Have you ever felt guilty about saying no?

Join us for this powerful one-day workshop that will transform and evolve how you feel about yourself as a woman.

Women are expanding and changing, yet our ideas of what it means to be a woman are often still connected to long held beliefs of inferiority or being “less than”. Our world is now asking women to show up, thrive and make a difference. Life is waiting to be fully blessed by women who are embodied in their true power, wisdom and love.

•  Realize how you have personally agreed to live in lack and limitation by subconsciously accepting beliefs about gender inequality.


•  Experience new and profound ways of seeing yourself and your life.

•  Transform in minutes what you may have been struggling with for years.

 Give To Yourself!  Join facilitators, Faith Bost and Honor Godin, co-founders of EVEolution Retreats, for this powerful workshop.


A FREE Webinar For Your Success 


The 5-Step Process That Marketing Professionals Use to
Create High-Impact Brands

with Devi Records & Carolyn Parrs, Founders of Women As Game Changers

Thursday, August 24
11:30am – 1pm 
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Your brand reflects your carefully crafted, core message. This is the message that you will communicate over and over again to reach your ideal customers or clients. That’s why it’s essential to do your deep branding work before you create a website or hire a marketing professional. In GET BRAND READY, Carolyn Parrs and Devi Records will take you through the important steps marketing experts use to create a high-impact brand — while revealing your personal “derailers” that may be standing in the way of getting to the heart of your message.  

 Here’s what you will learn and experience: 

• Key elements of a strong, impactful brand in today’s market

• How uncovering the “why” beneath your brand is the most important first step you can take

• A deep dive into the essential questions you need to be asking now

• How to create a meaningful slogan that captures your unique value and sets you apart from everyone else

• The importance of the “look and feel” of your graphic mark or typography in communicating your brand’s personality and mission

• Identifying your personal branding “derailers” that may be in the way of fully stepping into your branding message and power

Carolyn Parrs and Devi Records are Founders and Co-trainers at Women As Game Changers, an integrated women’s entrepreneurial training and coaching enterprise that immerses women leaders in three highly essential aspects of growing a thriving, sustainable business or organization: the outer game business skill-building, inner game awareness and confidence-building along with, a deep support system with game-changing women who are transforming their world through the world of business, proving that business can be a force for good. 

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The Logical Law of Attraction

A New Class Series with Helen Racz 

How you create anything is how you create everything!

Have you noticed that you can attract success in one area of your life, like your business or parenting or making friends, and then not be able to turn your passion into the career you want or quite meet your bills no matter how much money you are earning?  How can you attract like a magnet in one area and struggle like a beginner in another? 

We attract and create every day.  We are geniuses at it!  

And, here is the big SECRET:  The Law of Attraction is LOGICAL!!

It’s not complicated. It makes perfect sense – that is why you do it naturally every day when you are not even trying! We are working with the physics of attraction ALL THE TIME.  WOW!!  What would happen if you really stepped back and examined how you create and then apply those behaviors to your problem areas? 

Curious?  Let’s Do It!!!

Join Helen this September for an honest appraisal of what you do when you are the BEST CONSCIOUS MAGNET for your desires and highest good. 

Learn And Use the Logical Law of Attraction

to transform your life into a state of confidence, joy and peace.

This once-a-week class explores and utilizes the science-based logic of the universal law of attraction. Your understanding and ability to use these concepts will expand with use and through experiencing desired results in your life. We encourage you to attend one monthly series to experience the benefit of Helen’s guidance and the group support to help you manifest in your life with grace and confidence.

Tuesdays, beginning September 5

6:45 – 8:45pm     $125 per month 

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This class is also available in Katy beginning Thursday morning September 7.  Students can attend live, listen to audio or access video on private FB page.  

More info at: