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Forsyth Crystal Light Table Demonstration

Monday, March 5 

7 — 8:30 pm    A FREE EVENT

Chris will answer questions about the upcoming Mediumship Workshop

Join Chris Carpentier, Certified Practitioner and owner of the Houston Crystal Light Table Wellness Center for a FREE demonstration of the Forsyth Crystal Light Table©. Treatments with this unique and scientifically crafted crystal light table produce consistent and remarkable healing results. 

Healing Experiences with the Crystal Light Table Include:

ONE LUCKY WINNER will receive a One-Hour Session with Chris! 
You must be present at this Demonstration to win. 

Reserve your seat  
Questions:  713-303-7107   E-mail:

Map and Directions To Spectrum Center

EIL Institute Mediumship Workshop

Experience Self-Awareness, Personal Growth and
Intuitive Development

Saturday & Sunday,  March 10 and 11 
$299; $249 if paid by March 5 / $50 deposit to hold your place   10am – 5pm

Mediumship is within your grasp.  Join us!!
April class: Crystal Therapy

Whether you want to take your skills to a public forum, or you desire to learn more about connecting with  deceased loved ones for personal growth, this class will help bring clarity to a mysterious process. You will learn how to make connections clearly and safely, as you discover your personal gift inherent to all.

We will be exploring your level of intuition and the claire senses that are your strongest gift, regardless of your interest in pursuing mediumistic activities. Your basic understanding of life can expand in one magical moment of experiencing the mysteries of life within a safe setting that can ultimately lead to a greater awakening.
· Teachings modeled after a world class psychic with 25 years experience.
· Lessons on mediumistic skills.
· How to prepare for each connection with a deceased loved one.
· Opening and closing the door to the spirit world.
· The three basics elements of a professional medium session.
· Exercises that help take your skill to the next level.
· The business of mediumship and intuitive practices.

At the end of the workshop, there will be internship readings required to complete the certification. You can choose not to participate with the internship part of the process and attend the workshop to deepen your  spiritual understanding or improve your intuitive skills.

Join Chris Carpentier, Certified Master Teacher and Mentor through the IEL Institute, for this exciting series.

More information and Registration 
713.303.7107  /