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A Two-Part Intensive:

Sacred Body Language Translations™

with Faith Bost 

Wednesday, October 18 and 25

6:30 – 9pm   Please arrive early.   $150

This two-part workshop is an in depth experience of how your subconscious mind communicates through your unique body language – words, gestures, postures, eye and body movements, symptoms and more. You will witness and learn how to translate this language and be in awe of the wisdom that is available to you every day.

Connecting our conscious mind to our subconscious mind by translating this specific and illuminating language brings us to the clarity and power needed to manifest our heart’s desires.

This two-part workshop includes teaching segments and interactive demonstrations by Certified Body Language Translator, Faith Bost. She will lead you to discover that with every move you make your body reveals your subconscious thoughts and hidden emotions. You will learn that your subconscious is constantly trying to help you take the easier road to what you want and where your heart is aligned to your greatest good.

Join us for this powerful two-part intensive and transform how you feel about yourself and your body. 

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Georgina Regan

In Houston and New Orleans

October 21 – November 18

Georgina has been invited to bring her work to New Orleans during this time so if you want to see her in Houston, please contact her right away since her time in Houston will be limited.

In Houston, Georgina will see clients near 59 and Shepherd at Portsmouth, not at Spectrum Center.

Visit Georgina’s website!

For an appointment contact Georgina at

Please notice that cancellations require a 36 hr notice.

Through the years, Georgina’s reputation as a “healing catalyst” has brought her invitations for scientific testing from Menninger Clinic, University of London, Dr. H. Montoyama in Tokyo and Stanford University. Dr. Elmer Green, founder of Clinical Biofeedback and Director of Menninger Clinic’s Cooper Wall Project, was able to accurately quantify the high levels of body voltage that a client receives during a healing session with Georgina.

Georgina has been scientifically documented to produce pulses of body voltage measuring 40, 60 and 220 volts—a remarkable and rare result. No scientific explanation exists for this phenomena. Normal body voltage ranges from 7 to 10 volts.

It has been recorded that Georgina can sustain these pulses for long periods of time. These pulses effectively unblock meridians and provide vibrant healing energy. By sustaining this energy in a session, a client can be brought to and maintained at the brain wave activity that normally occurs during deep sleep where profound healing occurs.

Testimonials ~

“For about two months or more fluid had been building up in the Eustachian Tube of my right ear, exerting severe pressure and causing me to lose my hearing in that ear.   I went to see Georgina Regan for help and within a short time, relief was felt!  The pressure was eased. It was as if the fluid was being pulled out by her hands, although she never touched me at any point.  After about 2 or 3 days the hearing which returned about one hour after seeing her, remained clear and acute.  It took about one more week for all of the fluid to drain out, and it has remained clear ever since.”  AH/Ca.

“I so enjoyed meeting you on Tuesday for my healing experience. I reported to you a problem with severe restless legs, and I can now report that I have not had any restless legs since then. A great hooray and thank you!”  PC/educator

“Georgina Regan’s work profoundly affected me, as you can actually feel the electrical pulses pouring from her body.  I have never experienced energy work like this before, and the sense of balance and calmness were immediate.  She is the real-deal, hands down.”  MM/consultant

“At our appointment I asked you to work on my liver. My lab work indicated that my liver enzymes were at a dangerously high level. They were almost 2 times the normal level. Three days after our session I had another round of lab tests. To my pleasant surprise the tests came back within a normal range!” KP/entrepreneur

“My symptoms before my session with Georgina were:  binge eating; extreme groin pain on the left side; lack of energy; foot pain; obesity; lack of integrity – saying I would diet and exercise, but not doing so.  There were many more I didn’t mention, like:  adrenal fatigue; blurry vision; pain in the chest area; difficulty deep-breathing; thyroid eye disease.  I never considered the lack of joy in my life – but she did.   In the following days after my first and second sessions I noticed that the pain in my left side was gone, my feet didn’t hurt, I could breath deeply again, my vision was extremely sharp, my energy was elevated, I was easily eating 2 healthy meals a day and I was swimming or walking each day!  I have a new start and I look forward to her next visit!! 


“I brought my dog in to see Georgina as she had been very helpful with my own severe back pain.  Betsy, my older mixed breed, a lovely and faithful companion, has suffered with painful joints and kidney problems.  After the first session she was frisky and pain free for the first time in 3 years!  After the 2nd session I noticed that the frequency of urination has diminished  and she seems much more comfortable. It has been 2 months and I can still see the benefits.  I’ll be back!” KD/retired

Although there are no guaranteed outcomes, as with any healer, the body will utilize what it receives where it is needed.

Georgina’s treatments work on all levels—physical. emotional, mental and spiritual.

Contact Georgina at

Georgina’s schedule becomes very full during the few weeks she is available in Houston.

If you wish to receive a treatment, please don’t hesitate to call or email.

Appointments are 45 min / $125.

Many clients come to Georgina each time she is in Houston for a preventative shot of healing energy.  We suggest those with acute or chronic conditions make at least two appointments.

For an appointment email Georgina at . Georgina does not work past 3pm and has limited Saturday appointments available.  

Cancellations must be made 36 hours in advance or you are responsible for the session fee, unless your spot is filled.