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Restorative Yoga & Gong Meditation

Restorative Yoga & Gong Meditation
a gentle day to restore, nurture
and rejuvenate
with Satya Shepherd

Sunday, September 9   1–5:30 pm
Please arrive by 12:30pm to set up $65.

Space is limited. Please register early.

“If yoga were a smorgasbord, restorative postures would most definitely be at the dessert table.” Claudia Cummins ~ Yoga Journal

Following a short period of breathing and gentle stretches to prepare your body, you will be guided slowly into a series of lingering Restorative Yoga poses, drawing you deeper into your interior experience. Muscles lengthen effortlessly as joints gently open.

We will follow with a gong meditation to enter further into a transcendent healing state. And, finally, a foot massage to ground you and complete this gift to yourself.

No yoga experience is necessary, simply a sincere intention to restore and relax.

Satya Shepherd is a Wellness Educator, Yoga and Meditation Teacher and Massage Therapist with over 30 years experience. She combines a thirst for the sacred with a passion for psychological and emotional healing. She weaves together a safe, anatomically precise, compassionate and healing experience integrating body, mind and spirit.

To register or for more information, contact Satya at 713.516.0340 or

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