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Director’s Letter

Dear Friends of Spectrum Center,

I am writing to ask for your help.

For many of you, Spectrum Center has been an important place of personal growth and a spiritual home.  You have attended classes and seen one or more of our practitioners. You have turned to us in times of loss and triumph. For many of you, your connection to Spectrum Center is very personal.

We have served the Houston community for 32 years and have brought to you the best health practitioners in both alternative and traditional modalities, and some of the most dynamic local and national teachers. We have strived to give the Houston community a safe place to heal, to grow and to bring your dreams.

The Covid pandemic has disrupted all our lives and our businesses. It has placed Spectrum Center in peril and has prompted this request for help. We have lost two thirds of the revenue needed to keep our lease commitment and cover our overhead. We have had to close our workshop room and our classes. The rental of our group rooms has stopped. Some classes are continuing online but most are not. Our bodyworkers and energy workers have only been able to see clients on a very limited basis, if at all. Our other practitioners have moved clients online. This makes it difficult and often impossible for practitioners to continue to pay the fees for their offices.

I want to be fully transparent about our situation.

I have applied for numerous grants and forgivable loans. We have not received that help. I have been advised that if I walk away from our lease I will take a personal, undetermined financial and legal risk. Commercial property owners are going through their own crisis in Houston and the limited help our landlord can give is a short, temporary band aid.

Here is my most fervent wish.

Our lease is up the end of March 2021. I would like to avoid the personal liability of walking away from the lease and I want to honor my commitment. I would like us, the practitioners and teachers, to have the next eight months to explore how we might restructure Spectrum Center to continue to serve Houston. We want our lights to still be burning when the time of Covid has ended.

To do this, we need your financial help, your best prayers and whatever magic you might have up your sleeve!

We have created a Donation/Membership site called Team Spectrum to get us through to the end of March 2021.  Any donation, whether one time or recurring, no matter what size, helps us immeasurably. Your donation makes you a member of Team Spectrum and gives you Membership Benefits.

Most Membership sites have a tier system of Benefits. We will not. Especially in these hard times, we honor equally any donation. We can’t do this without you and we want you to feel our gratitude each month!

The creative and manifesting wheels are whirling! Creating our Membership Benefits is in progress and I can assure you that you will not be disappointed!  We envision the Benefits starting to flow the first part of August!  Membership Benefits may include discounts on online classes or sessions, and many gifts of learning from our teachers, practitioners and other surprise friends!

Please go to Team SpectrumLook it over. Join the Team! And please reach out to friends who might also want to support us at this time. If you have questions, please reach out to me.

Please stay safe.  Notice what is precious.  Tell someone you love that you treasure them.  Look for ways to extend acts of kindness.  Learn something new.

With Gratitude and Great Affection,

Rosa Glenn Reilly
Director, Spectrum Center

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