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The Integrated Self:  
 Demonstrations and Discussions About
Energetic Connections

with Signe Myers Hovem, Spiritual Counselor,
ITA Energy Practitioner and Writer

Wednesday, January 15
6:30 – 8:00pm 
$35 pay at the door with advance reservation; $45 without reservation


Each of us have energetic connections with people, nature, animal companions and other entities that inhabit our world.  These connections are first and foremost energetic. Even our thoughts express as energy that affects ourselves and others. We are all far more sensitive than we often realize. Those who identify as highly sensitive are usually very aware of this but often don’t have the tools to manage those sensitivities.

The next wave of Consciousness is learning and accepting that we are energy beings living in an energy world.

Whether you are highly sensitive, empathic or an empath, this discussion and the demonstrations will bring you clarity, self-appreciation, and tools for self care. This understanding will enhance your relationships and help you use your personal power with higher integrity.  We will share in discussion and explore the energy world together!
Join Signe as she demystifies this natural sensory connection.

Signe is a native of Colorado, who has lived the majority of her adult life abroad with her Norwegian husband, creating homes on five different continents. She is currently located in Stavanger, Norway. Since 2003, she has offered services as an ordained Spiritual Counselor through the AIWP (Association for the Integration of the Whole Person); is qualified in ITA (Integrated Therapeutic Alignment) Energy Medicine Tiers 1 and 2—after completing studies with the Melaney Ryan Institute of Applied Consciousness (MRIAC); and is recognized by the Norwegian Healer’s Association. She has just completed a nonfiction book entitled “The Space Between: An Empath’s Field Guide.” For more information about the services and workshops Signe offers, please visit her website: She can be reached at 

Signe is available for private sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, January 14 – 17, 2020. These appointments will fill rapidly. Discover how others have benefitted through these testimonials.  $115/ hour session.
Contact Signe directly to schedule an appointment –

Let’s Go Deeper!

 Empathic to Empath:
A Path of Transformation

Saturday, January 18
$125      1 – 5:00pm


 Signe Myers Hovem,  empath, educator, and Spiritual Counselor invites persons who identify as empathic, or are curious about empathic sensitivity, to gather and share as a community.  This four-hour workshop is designed to empower and demystify empathic reception, so that each attendee can understand and accept their authentic intuitive nature beyond needing to label it a special gift or a liability that requires protection.

This four-hour workshop will provide integrative exercises, including an active meditation, to examine just some of the following questions:
•  what are empathic sensitivities?
•  what does it mean to be an empath?
•  how does empathy and empathic differ ?
•  what tools are available to help intuition and discernment with mastering this channel of communication?
•  what kind of energy expressions can interact with our senses from the environment?
•  what does the arc of an empath tell about an individual’s spiritual path?

 Receive guidance to more fully accept your natural authentic sensory nature.

Angel Automatic Writing and The Wisdom of Numbers

with Lisa Labozzo

Saturday, January 25

10am – 12:30pm       $45

Register Here

Are you looking for answers and new tools to help you receive messages from the angels?

In this class you will learn:

•  how to receive Angelic Messages through Numbers

•  the Wisdom and meaning of Numbers

•  how to receive Messages for yourself and others

•  how to develop your Intuition to better receive Guidance from the Angels

•  the use of Writing as a tool to channel Guided Messages

•  how to Quiet your Mind and connect with the Angelic realm

Please bring a personal journal.  No previous experience with channeling or angelic communication is necessary.

Using The Four Agreements To Bring Your Spiritual Principles Into Your Workplace 

with Lisa Labozzo

Monday, January 27

6:30 – 8:00pm       $45

Register Here

Many of us struggle to bring our spiritual principles into our workplace. Then we feel constricted and confused about why we are unhappy to go to work.

Don Miquel Ruiz, teacher and spiritual philosopher, challenges us in his book, The Four Agreements, to live each day in alignment with some basic principles

The Four Agreements are:

•  Be Impeccable With Your Word

•  Don’t Take Anything Personally

•  Don’t Make Assumptions

•  Always Do Your Best

Lisa often speaks to groups from her own experience in the corporate world.      She knows the path to keeping your personal integrity in business dealings.

Come join the discussion and let her guide you to use the Four Agreements as reminders and a check-in when you become unhappy and misaligned with your personal principles.


After a near-death accident in 2006, Lisa experienced a journey into the angelic realm. She spent months in ICU and a rehabilitation center. During those months of healing she had experiences of crossing over. As a result, she discovered she was blessed with a gift of healing and insight.  As an energy worker and Reiki Master practitioner, Lisa channels intuitive messages for people and animals. In addition to being a well-respected speaker and adjunct teacher for weekend retreats in Connecticut and New York, she is also an Ordained Priest in the Order of Melchizedek. Lisa is passionate about guiding and healing others through her experiences and bringing peace and love into the world. 

Ask Lisa about her Private Sessions! 

Lisa is available in Houston for a few days and is offering a limited number of Reiki sessions with intuitive messages. Make an appointment or call with questions.   $85 / 45 mins;  $110 / one hour.   203.219.7846

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