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 Managing and understanding a sensitive, empathic, empathetic nature is an important topic, especially in stressful, overstimulating times. It’s useful to know that those who identify as a sensitive person with empathetic sensibilities can be people who often hide behind a wall, must restore in nature or alone, overdo for others (in the hopes that the chaos will quiet) or burn out easily.  Here are two opportunities, led by an excellent guide, to share in discussion and experience hands-on learning about the mechanics of being a sensitive person, with empathetic sensibilities. Join us!

Sponge or Empath? 

How To Consciously Evolve Your Sensitivities

with Signe Myers Hovem, Spiritual Counselor,

ITA Energy Practitioner and Writer

Wednesday, October 23

6:30 – 8:00pm 

$35 pay at the door with advance reservation; $45 without reservation


Are you sensitive? Are you empathetic? Empathic? An empath? Do you know the difference? For many empathic persons the world is confusing because there is such a lack of definition and understanding of what it means to be empathic/empath.

This introduction to empathic reception will help attendees discern where they may be on the spectrum of being empathic, empathetic, or both. What is the difference, and how does self-care differ for different sensitivities? How can we broaden our identity and comfortably hold this part of our authentic self without sacrificing other aspects of who we are? This class will offer the opportunity to share in discussion and experience hands-on learning about the mechanics of being an empath.

Please join Signe as she demystifies this natural sensory reception.

Signe is a native of Colorado, who has lived the majority of her adult life abroad with her Norwegian husband, creating homes on five different continents. She is currently located in Stavanger, Norway. Since 2003, she has offered services as an ordained Spiritual Counselor through the AIWP (Association for the Integration of the Whole Person); is qualified in ITA (Integrated Therapeutic Alignment) Energy Medicine Tiers 1 and 2—after completing studies with the Melaney Ryan Institute of Applied Consciousness (MRIAC); and is recognized by the Norwegian Healer’s Association. She has just completed a nonfiction book entitled “The Space Between: An Empath’s Field Guide.” For more information about the services and workshops Signe offers, please visit her website: She can be reached at 


Signe is available for private sessions on Thursday and Friday, October 24 and 25. These appointments will fill rapidly. Discover how others have benefitted through these testimonials.  $115/ hour session.

Contact Signe directly to schedule an appointment –

Let’s Go Deeper!

 Empathic to Empath:

A Path of Transformation

Saturday, October 26

$125      1 – 5:00pm

No one is born an empath. In this afternoon workshop you will learn the differences between having empathic traits and sensitivities and actually having the skills and abilities of an empath. If you identify as a sensitive person, with empathetic sensibilities, you could also be empathic, which would broaden your environmental sensitivities.  

This presentation will outline the arc of transformation that most empaths undertake when they begin to be self-aware and master their non-ordinary sensory receptivity. We will explore, we will use discussion, writing and guided meditation to understand more deeply your own path on this spectrum.  If you sense that you have empathic sensitivities and would like guidance and context to understand your own authentic nature; or if you consider yourself an empath and want further understanding of this expression of service, please join Signe.


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