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 Free Crystal Light Table Demonstration

Friday, September 13 

7:00 – 8:30pm  Demonstration

This FREE event gives you an opportunity to learn about the Forsyth Crystal Light Table©, which is a unique energy tool that combines ancient and modern healing modalities.  Treatments with this unique and scientifically crafted crystal light table produce consistent and remarkable results. 

Chris will discuss:

· The science behind the crystal light table and the various healing modalities used

· The process used and what to expect during and after a crystal light table session

· How long you can be on the table and how often, including sessions for children

Attend this evening presentation and receive the gift of a free remote energy scan with Chris! 

Energy Scan Sessions are often called Spiritual X-Rays! This service is used to identify blocks, resistance, overcharge, uneven energy flow, or the basis for disharmony related to a variety of issues. After an Energy Scan you can receive recommendations on how to resolve any energy concerns.   

These Energy Scan Sessions are phone sessions only.  


You must be present at this evening presentation to receive this gift and be eligible to book your remote Free Energy Scan.

Reserve your seat for this Free event.  

Questions:  713-303-7107   E-mail:

Announcing a very important opportunity for psychotherapists!

Guiding a couple through infidelity to greater strength and re-commitment is often an enormous challenge for all involved.  Gina Watson brings her years of experience and devotion to healing our deepest couple wounds to this workshop. She shares what works in a clear and transformative treatment plan. 12 ceu hours are available.

Please share this with therapist friends and colleagues. 

Take note of the generous discount for early registration!




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