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We are hosting another
Gathering to Benefit Spectrum Center
Friday and Saturday
November 11 & 12

Friday, 3:00 pm to 8:30pm
Saturday, 9:30am to 5:30pm
$75 for both days of presenters and mini-sessions. Includes one free raffle ticket.

Each participant receives one raffle ticket.
Additional raffle tickets can be purchased at the event or online.

View Raffle Prizes Here Very Soon!

We thank our Presenters, Donors and Volunteers for generously supporting us with their skills, their time and their hearts.

Inspiring Presenters, Amazing Raffle, Surprising Silent Auction,
Free Mini-Sessions and delicious Snacks!

Our previous OPEN DOORS / OPEN HEARTS filled Spectrum Center with light and laughter and beautiful discoveries.  Our halls were buzzing with conversations about the presentations and people happily signing up for mini-sessions, trying new things, running into old friends and making new ones.  COME AGAIN!  And, if you missed the last one, JUMP IN!!

Friday Afternoon, November 11th

3:00 – 7:00 pm  Mini Sessions and Snacks

Arrive early. Sign up & enjoy 15 minute mini-sessions -tarot & psychic readings, astrology, gem healing, bodywork, eft, energy medicine, naturopathy, homeopathy and much more!  Then, have a snack before settling in to welcome The Emissarians!

We Invite You To Meet The Emissarians !

with Helen Racz

7 – 8:15pm    Friday, November 11

What an amazing experience it has been to witness Helen Racz respond to the call to channel multi dimensional communication from The Emissarians.  A small group of us have watched during this past year as Helen has gone through her own fears and exhilaration while allowing this powerful and life changing energy move through her and speak through her. Her simple and heartfelt devotion to be an instrument of healing has led her, and us, to this moment.  

True channeling is a phenomena that we rarely get to see in the initial stages of “coming out”. You are invited!  Come!  Let’s welcome The Emissarians and be present to Helen’s willingness to set herself aside so that we may benefit and receive their help to co-create our lives through the wisdom of inspired Choice!  

Please come with an open mind and an open heart Friday evening to meet The Emissarians.  BRING QUESTIONS – both personal and spiritual questions are welcome. ~  Rosa Glenn Reilly/ Director, Spectrum Center

Helen Racz is a teacher, workshop facilitator and healer.  She holds a respected position in the Houston metaphysical community as a leader, thought changer and wise woman. She is known for her grounded spiritual approach to healing and her willingness to meet life with true joy and acceptance.

Saturday, November 12th  

Mini-sessions will be available throughout the day on a first-come / first-serve basis.  Raffle winners are announced and posted before each presentation. Silent auction winners will be notified at the end of Saturday.

Doors open at 9:00am

Successful Crowdfunding 

with Adam Holt 

10 – 11:30am    Saturday, November 12

Have you ever wondered if you should consider Kickstarter or Go Fund Me or another crowdfunding group to begin or expand your business, get help with financing a dream or recover from a hard time?  Come hear from someone who financed publishing two books through crowdfunding.

Author Adam Holt will share his experience with Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform. From campaign start up all the way through fulfillment, he’ll share the methods he used to successfully fund his debut and followup novel on the crowdfunding website.

Novelist and poet, Adam Holt grew up near NASA’s Johnson Space Center, where his father worked for Mission Control during the Apollo missions. After attending Baylor, Adam taught English at Greenhill School in Dallas for a decade; however, he left teaching in 2013 to devote himself to writing and sharing his love of human space exploration. He’s currently working on the third novel in the Tully Harper Series, about a trio of teen space travelers that change the fate of the solar system. As a poet, Adam was selected to read at the upcoming Poetry Series at the Houston Public Library. In his free time he coaches, travels, and searches for great tacos.

11:30 – 1pm  Lunch Break  A light lunch is provided or you can visit area restaurants.  Mini-sessions are also available during this break.

Aroma Yoga 

with Keri Swannie

1- 2:30 pm    Saturday, November 12

Come dressed as you are (ok, skirts may be tricky) for a no-sweat aroma yoga class to refresh, refuel and revitalize yourself !  By coupling essential oils with meditation, mindful movement, breathing exercises and specific yoga poses you can create a powerful go-to resource and dynamic tool for self-care.  AND, you can use this tool at home or at work. We have placed this class in the afternoon so you can notice the difference in what may normally be a low focus, low energy point in your day.

Keri Swannie is the eternal student and teacher! As a yoga instructor, she brings her gifts and her true fascination with healing modalities to every class and student encounter. Keri loves teaching what she knows whether it is about Chinese medicine, hypnosis, yoga, breathing or the body-mind connection.  It is a delight to be in her presence and to come away with new tools and heightened awareness!  

Seeing The Big Picture Through

The Tzolkin Mayan Calendar

with Mariela Maya

3:30 -5 pm    Saturday, November 12

The Mayans were great astronomers and mathematicians. Tzolkin, meaning the Count of Days, is the Sacred Mayan Calendar which is used for many purposes including determining birth signs in a 260-day cycle reflecting the nine month human gestation period. Mariela will lead us into an overview of this very playful, practical and powerful tool for self-empowerment, growth and transformation. What is your sign using the Mayan Calendar and what aspects of your personality can be illuminated through the lens of the Tzolkin?

On this day, her Galactic Birthday, Mariela will use her own Oracle and the Galactic Signature of someone in the audience to explain the key characteristics of the calendar and talk about her magical journey with the Tzolkin and the inherent possibilities for personal development open to all of us.

Mariela Maya has extensive experience using the Tzolkin in its modern application for the last two decades, both in her own journey and in supporting others through personal coaching, readings, workshops, ceremonies, group activities and trips. Mariela has just published her first book called Practical Guide to the Tzolkin where she teaches its basic components and the “how to’s” in very practical, down-to-earth and easy to understand ways. As a Yellow Electric Star born in the White World Bridger Wavespell, Mariela uses her creativity to share the Tzolkin in an original and personal way as she bridges the worlds. For additional information, please visit

Mini-Session Practitioners and Raffle Goodies to be announced in our next newsletter!!


IF YOU CANNOT ATTEND, you can still support Spectrum Center and purchase Raffle tickets. You DO NOT have to be present to win.

Please use the registration link above.

Last Raffle 78% of those who purchased
Raffle tickets won a prize!!

CONTACT US if you have any difficulty with registration.


Peggy Sue Skipper will be available during Open Doors / Open Hearts to talk to you about Eliminating Diabetes in 2017!

IF YOU CANNOT ATTEND, you can still support Spectrum Center and purchase Raffle tickets. You DO NOT have to be present to win.

Please use the registration link above.

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