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OM OH 2013 Schedule of Speakers and Events

Open Your Mind, Open Your Heart is proud to announce the 2013 Schedule of Speakers and Events featuring Houston’s most qualified and sought after practitioners and teachers in the holistic healing community.

Classes are offered in 3 segments each day (1 morning & 2 afternoon segments).  We encourage you to register in advance as some classes have limited space! Scroll down for Speaker and Class details.

Both days also include on-going mini-sessions in Pranic healing, Psychic Readings, EFT, Intuitive Animal Care, Naturopathy, Massage, and many more holistic healing practices! 


SATURDAY, June 1, 2013
10 – 11:30am

All Your Dreams Come True While You Save The World, Too!

with Kathy Davis

Kathleen_DavisThe world needs its wise women now as never before. Yet, if we’re so darn smart (and we ARE!) why do women still lag behind by every measure both in the U.S. and around the globe? Together we will rummage through the proverbial closets of our “herstory”, both ancient and recent, to reveal an answer that is surprising and freeing. We will delve deeply into how that unleashes latent power, potential and possibility in your own life and how to channel that torrent to live the radiant, vibrant, empowered, fulfilled life of your dreams. B.Y.O.C.C.C.*
* Bring Your Own Curiosity, Compassion and Courage!

Kathy Davis has earned a reputation for her quick wit, exceptional intelligence and her passion for what she terms “the sacred power of women to create the possible from the impossible. Drawing on more than three decades of leadership in corporate America and several non-profits, she has emerged as her own unique brand, blending ancient wisdom with 21st century reality to evoke, encourage and inspire women to transform our world starting with our own lives.  MORE…

EFT & Other Tools To Shift Your Beliefs
with Helen Racz

helennewphotoDo you have self-sabotaging beliefs or even good beliefs that aren’t quite strong enough to move your life consistently in a positive direction?  Do you suffer with self doubt, wonder why others get life’s goodies and you don’t or, simply, not have enough good days?  Let’s get to the core of the issue. FREE YOURSELF from whatever is holding you back from the life you want and deserve!  Let Helen introduce you to the magic of EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique.

For Helen Racz, her journey toward alternative healing began in 1987 after a serious auto accident. She was left in chronic pain that she was told would only become worse over time. This was not an outcome she was willing to accept. She began to explore self hypnosis, biofeedback and meditation. She devoured books on healing, from the very scientific to the spiritual and successfully became pain free.  MORE…


SATURDAY, June 1, 2013
1:00 -2:30pm

LEADERSHIP: The Art of Influencing Others
with Glen Carle

Glen_carle_pic-236x300The Dalai Lama once said: “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito”. Leaders are made and not born. And, influential leaders are those willing to learn and willing to look foolish while they learn. Glen will entertain, inform and challenge the leader in you who is ready to bring your idea, project, or initiative into the world. We need leaders who can influence—who can make ideas come alive. This can be YOU!

Glen Carle has turned his degree in engineering, software development and 20 years in corporate America into a spring board to business coaching and
public speaking. His passion and personal goal is to make every client he works with the success they have always wanted to be. While working for major corporations he learned to recognize and overcome common workplace black holes. He has discovered that to successfully represent ourselves and what weare offering the marketplace—whether that is our services or a product—we must treat those efforts as an art form.  MORE…

FACING PROSPERITY: The Power of Personal Feng Shui Directions
with Katherine M. Ashby

AshbyThere is a magic formula to super-charge your energy field by using magnetic attraction. Do you want to heal? To find love? Enrich your wealth? There is an app for that! Discover the hidden meanings, shapes, and colors found in your personal Feng Shui trigram and how to harness them for your success.

Katherine M. Ashby is the author of eight books, Facing Prosperity: The Power of Your Personal Feng Shui Directions, one for each Kua number. She was trained in Black Sect Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui (BTB) by the world famous Thomas Lin Yun. Katherine is also part of the Wu Chang Feng Shui Lineage of Yap Cheng Hai, and has taught Feng Shui classes for University of Houston, MD Anderson, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston Community College and many private students. She can be reached at or 713.688.098  MORE…


SATURDAY, June 1, 2013
3:30 – 4:30pm

SOUL PROPRIETOR: Business Strategy in the Aquarian Age
with Barbara S. Malone

Barbara Malone Head ShotIs your business making cents, scents or sense? What’s missing in current business planning models for those who want to generate revenue while making a difference in the world? Join business writer and strategist Barbara Malone on a voyage of discovery. Acquire useful tools and a compass to navigate the high seas and calm waters of soul-full commercial ventures. Bring your soul.

Barbara Steager Malone, MBA, is Editor and Publisher of The Queensbury Press, a company which she founded in 1995. The Queensbury Press offers writing and editorial services to authors and companies as well as heritage and commemorative publishing to families and companies. Barbara also serves as a strategic planning consultant to business owners. MORE. . .

LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE: an Introduction to The Akashic Records
with Nancy Kern

nancy_coralThe Akashic Records contain the blueprint of our soul’s potential and the history of our soul’s journey throughout all time. Whether you are new to the Records or already familiar with them, this class will uplift and re-connect you to your inner Divinity. The Records will be opened for the group and Nancy will also lead a healing meditation. Many describe feeling a physical sensation of Love, not romantic love, and not conditional love, but Love from the Source of All Love when the Records are open. It is also possible to receive an important and timely message for yourself when the records are open.

Nancy Kern is one of Houston’s pioneers in alternative healing, beginning with women’s self-help and midwifery in 1977. A former Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in polarity energy balancing, she later became a certified Cranial Sacral Therapist with the Upledger Institute, and a certified Flower Essence Practitioner with the Flower Essence Society of California (FES). After learning from Mary Parker how to give readings and teach others, she began a private practice in the Akashic Records in 2000, transitioning to full time in 2007.  MORE . . .


SUNDAY, June 2, 2013
10 – 11:30am

Learn Animal Communication & Holistic Animal Care – The Simple
Way!—Awakening the Abilities in YOU!
with Kim Shotola

kim_shotolaJoin Kim Shotola as she takes you on a journey of the heart and soul. More and more people are yearning to learn how to communicate with their animals. Some people think it is only for the gifted so they don’t even try. That is so far from the truth. EVERYONE can learn how to do this. It is an innate ability that only needs to be awakened. Join her as she shares heartfelt stories, the many benefits of talking with animals, including animal spirit guides, how animal communication works, and how you can open your intuitive abilities.

Kim Shotola, Founder and Director of The Lightfoot Way, believes animals are windows to our souls and doorways to our spiritual destinies. She was inspired at an early age by her grandmother who loved animals and brought her to the zoo frequently. As an adult, Kim has worked with animals at the Houston Zoo since 1991. During her tenure at the zoo, she has helped manage the care of over 1,000 domestic, livestock, wildlife, and exotic animals in the Children’s Zoo. MORE…

Emotional Healing Through the Power of Essential Plant Oils
with Joseph Zenner

joseph_ZennerOur nose, our taste buds, even our physical and emotional symptoms are constantly giving us clues to which plants can cure our bodies. Trauma, depression, anxiety, ADHD, self worth, grief and being stuck responds positively and in a powerful way with the use of essential plant oils. In this class we will learn to listen to our bodies and learn which oils suit our individual needs in order to effectively utilize this natural vibrational medicine.

Joseph Zenner ended his career in chemical engineering and 10 years in corporate America in August 2010. Following his curiosity and his passion he began his career in nutrition and has never looked back. Joseph is a seeker of answers to life’s big questions and is particularly drawn to teachers and mentors who bridge the gap between science and spirituality. Joseph offers coaching sessions on health, manifestation and finding your best path of happiness. Contact him at or MORE…


Sunday, June 2nd
1 – 2:30pm

Unexpected Lessons from the Tarot
with Teresa Van Deusen

Teresa Van DeusenAre we all destined for a phase of ADHD?  Is it possible to be re-born within this lifetime?  Will we all get lucky sooner or later?  The Tarot is full of unexpected lessons and Teresa will bring her insight and humor to bear some light upon some of the less obvious lessons we all receive along life’s journey.

Teresa Van Deusen has been a gifted reader since age 14 and has perfected her skill over the past 30 years. She has read for thousands of clients nationwide, responding to questions concerning finances, relationships, career, transitions and life purpose with uncanny accuracy and a pragmatic spiritual approach . Her direct and joyful connection to the cards and clear vision with palms helps you use each reading to its fullest. Teresa can be reached at tvandeusen@gmail.comMORE…

And Spending It Wisely
with Angela Caughlin

Angela CaughlinAs we write the story of our life each day, we begin to understand that each person’s balance is driven by different desires and motivations—our internal forces. Balance is ultimately seeded by our values and beliefs, which are largely unexamined and even unconscious. We each have a finite amount of time and energy each day. So, the question becomes,” How do I discover the values and beliefs that drive me and where am I going to invest my energy to get the long-range results I desire for what is most important to me?” Discover how to shift out of rote and re- wire your neural pathways, enabling you to make conscious choices to redefine how to maximize the investment of your greatest asset- your energy! Its time to Awaken!

Angela H. Caughlin, LCSW, author, life coach/psychotherapist, workshop and conference presenter, is a recognized expert in the field of re-wiring neural pathways through journaling. Angela regularly leads classes in journaling at the Jung Center and the Spectrum Center in Houston and at leading hospitals at the prestigious Houston Medical Center. Angela has been described as “an authentic guide to lead you on a clear path in the journey to self discovery.” MORE . . .


Sunday, June 2nd
3:30 – 4:30pm

Sacred Gong Meditation
with Satya Shepherd

Satya ShepherdThe gong has been used for thousands of years as an important tool for healing and meditation. The entire body vibrates and changes as the gong is played. The sound creates deep relaxation; it releases you from your thoughts and opens a deep state of well being. We will begin with a short period of breathing and gentle stretches to prepare your body, then you will be guided slowly into a deep relaxed state. Please bring a yoga mat & blanket.

Satya Shepherd, LMT, RYT, is a Massage Therapist, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Speaker and Workshop Facilitator with 30 years of experience. Satya makes Spectrum Center the home for her Practice after directing the River Oaks Center for Massage Therapy for 15 years, where she created a healing environment for both clients and practitioners. Satya combines a thirst for the sacred and a passion for psychological and emotional healing with a great respect for the unique sensitivities and boundaries of the individuals she works with. Her wide range of techniques offer a client-centered session, unique to each individual.  MORE….

Pyramid Meditation & Chakra Tai Chi
with Hadas Amiel

Hadas HamielIn this presentation you will learn two forms of meditation –  a seated and a movement meditation. We will start with the Pyramid meditation – a guided, seated meditation inspired by a spiritual experience in the pyramids in Egypt and used to create a safe container in the form of a pyramid for centering, grounding, self exploration and guidance. We will continue with Chakra Tai Chi- a form of movement meditation which will help us to further explore and align with our own resources through the chakras and primal energy flow at the center of our being. Both meditations were created by Dr. Aminah Raheem, originator of Soul Lightening Acupressure.

Hadas L. Amiel, PT (Isr.), LMT is an experienced holistic body work practitioner, instructor and Physical Therapist since 1990. She strongly believes that our body is a storehouse for all our experiences, memories and emotions and therefore the body is the vehicle for healing. In her sessions Hadas uses a combination of gentle hands-on modalities to address a variety of physical ailments, including acute and chronic pain, headaches, neck and back pain, respiratory and digestive disorders, men and women’s health issues. She also supports clients dealing with men and women’s health issues. She also supports clients dealing with emotional stress and anxiety, chronic grief, depression, PTSD and others. Her sessions often lead to self empowerment and personal and spiritual growth. MORE….


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