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Helen Racz

Helen will be presenting “EFT & Other Tools To Shift Your Beliefs” at Open Your Mind, Open Your Heart 2013 on Saturday, June 1st from 10- 11:30 a.m.

For Helen Racz, her journey toward alternative healing began in 1987 after a serious auto accident. She was left in chronic pain that she was told would only become worse over time. This was not an outcome she was willing to accept. She began to explore self hypnosis, biofeedback and meditation. She devoured books on healing, from the very scientific to the spiritual and successfully became pain free.

Returning to work, Helen ran several successful businesses until she began to have strong empathic experiences which led her out of the usual business world and into healing fulltime, as a practitioner and as a teacher.

Along the way, Helen discovered that the most powerfully consistent tool for healing and change any of us can use is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technigue). Helen’s empathic and intuitive skills create a unigue style with EFT that enables her to quickly identify the core issue at hand. She is a masterful practitioner, and delights in instructing and sharing the rapid results with others.

As teacher, Helen inspires, captivates and comes under the radar to bring you to your best self. Contact Helen at or