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Katherine M. Ashby

Katherine will be presenting “FACING PROSPERITY: The Power of Personal Feng Shui Directions” at Open Your Mind, Open Your Heart 2013 on Saturday, June 1st from 1‑2:30 p.m.


Katherine M. Ashby is the author of eight books, Facing Prosperity: The Power of Your Personal Feng Shui Directions, one for each Kua number.  She was trained in Black Sect Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui (BTB) by the world famous Thomas Lin Yun.  Katherine is also part of the Wu Chang Feng Shui Lineage of Yap Cheng Hai, and has taught Feng Shui classes for University of Houston, MD Anderson, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston Community College and many private students. She can be reached at or 713.688.098