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Brandy Deutsch, RYT

Brandy DeutschBrandy Deutsch, RYT has been a yoga therapy instructor for over 10 years and has studied Metaphysics for over 15 years. She was certified by the Yoga Therapy College and Yoga Lotus Studio in Houston, TX and, also, the Asheville Yoga Center in Asheville, NC. Brandy specializes in using yoga to alleviate suffering, due to ailments, trauma, chemical imbalances and daily stress. Currently enrolled in a doctorate program at The University of Metaphysical Science, Brandy also specializes in ThetaHealing, bio-energetic technology, allergy clearing, and crystal light therapy. Her experience with allergies and chronic fatigue led her to Tracy Southwick, ND and ECR, a revolutionary allergy clearing technique. Other influences include Carolyn Myss, Bruce Liption, Adam (DreamHealer), Gwen Foster, ND, & Kathy Forti, PhD, creator of Trinfinity 8.  Contact Brandy at 832.754.5052 and More information: 

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