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Cynthia Gill, LPC, ATR

Cynthia GillCynthia Gill, LPC, ATR, is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Art Psychotherapist, and LPC Supervisor with over 19 years experience working in the mental health field. Her approach to healing incorporates an authentic human approach that includes review of a client’s life experiences and human development, as well as a thorough trauma assessment to determine the most effective trauma resolution. Cynthia has extensive knowledge and training concerning childhood physical, emotional and sexual abuse, as well as women’s sexual trauma. Her training as an art therapist allows a multi-faceted approach that includes a variety of expressive arts modalities that can assist a client’s growth—creative visualization for healing, stress management, creative expression, meditation, and the development of a vision for one’s life. Cynthia also has 27 years experience working with shamanic approaches to healing, and has extensive training in shamanic healing including soul retrieval for trauma and abuse.

Phone: 832-875-8013

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