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Katherine Mattioli, MA, LPC

Specializing in relationship counseling, premarital counseling and sex therapy.

I believe that having someone to talk to in a confidential, safe environment may be the difference between overcoming your challenges or letting them dictate your life. I work to create a warm, welcoming, and respectful space so you can focus on finding solutions and having the life you want. Many of my clients, individuals and couples, are working on relationship and sexual issues. I also have experience working with people who are recovering from the trauma of physical illness and how that may be affecting intimate relationships. I have a special interest in the connection between your mental and physical health. I also work with clients who are experiencing anxiety, depression, sexual trauma, sexual health issues including ejaculation and erectile difficulties, painful sex, communication issues, pre-marital counseling, gender identity, and intimacy issues.

Contact Katherine at 713-234-6674

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