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Rosa Glenn Reilly, Director

Counselor, business coach, adults, couples and business partners

I founded Spectrum Center in 1988. Spectrum Center is Houston’s longest standing holistic wellness center. We offer traditional and non-traditional approaches to health, wellness, and personal growth. More than 20 practitioners provide a wide range of services including psychotherapy for adults, families and children, life coaching, bodywork, hypnosis, Colorpuncture, Zero Balancing, naturopathy, homeopathy, energy medicine and a full spectrum (pun intended) of classes by local and nationally recognized teachers which includes a very active Writers Guild.  In addition to overseeing the management of Spectrum Center, I have a private practice counseling individuals and couples in the areas of intimacy, adult development, crisis and trauma resolution, and grief. My approach is transpersonal, gentle, yet direct, with a body-centered psychotherapeutic approach. I am fascinated by how the body and mind will guide us to the exact piece we must heal to successfully take the next steps in our life’s journey. As a longtime entrepreneur, I often counsel business owners and business partners when they encounter obstacles. I am humbled by the process of collaboration with my clients as we work together to allow growth, compassion and wisdom to light the way.  Call or text at 713-899-7837 or email

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