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Teresa Van Deusen

When I was 14 my mother gave me a deck of Tarot cards as a present.  She tells the story that I disappeared into my bedroom for three days and came out reading the Tarot as if I had been doing it for years. What I remember is that I was fascinated, and the images themselves seemed to be speaking to me about the complexity of meaning they hold.  I began to do readings with my friends and family and soon people I didn’t know who were insisting on paying me and coming back for more readings. My skills have grown over the past decades since my introduction to this psychic art. I have now read for thousands of clients nationwide, responding to questions concerning finances, relationships, career, transitions and life purpose. It is not unusual to hear back from clients about the results of surprising directions the cards have spelled out and the fortuitous outcomes.

I feel a direct and joyful connection to the cards as they open doors to other realms I can access as your guide.  I can also look at your palms for clarity, if needed. My readings address your questions and focus on understanding the influences at play in your life and how to re-direct your energy and intention to optimize your desired results. Clients are often energized and inspired after a reading. I love the sometimes humorous directions we are led into. The outcome is always wise and useful, even when the Universe needs to give you a push to get unstuck and direct you into joy.

I travel from Austin to serve my Houston clients once a month.  I also provide phone readings.

Teresa can be reached at .

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