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Sandra W. Fitts, MA, LPC

Short-term focused psychotherapy for adults.

I have a general psychotherapy practice working with adults. I have extensive experience in education and mental health spanning three decades which gives me a wide range of tools and experience that can benefit my clients. I work with people who are not thriving because of relationship issues, depression and anxiety, grief, and family and childhood issues, among other things. I use a variety of techniques that are solution focused. Stress Management and Relaxation techniques are an integral part of the healing process and I teach my clients to use these techniques to empower themselves when facing difficult and frightening circumstances. I work with a diverse clientele and work successfully with many different cultures. The process is short term and client centered. I have many life experiences that help to build a bond with my clients.  Contact me at 281-549-8179 x713419 or email at

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