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Tracy L. Morris, MS, LMFT-A

Experienced psychotherapist offering affordable counseling to individuals,  families and couple.

Seeking counseling can be an act of bravery, wisdom, and desperation. I have immense respect for individuals, couples, and families who make the choice to resolve their difficult issues.You can seek clarity for those times in your life that feel impossible to get through. You can find emotional support for when it feels like you can’t hold your head up any longer. You can be heard. I collaborate with clients to develop tools & skills that work for them. If life is much different than you’d hoped for, let’s find a way to make it what you want.

I’ve counseled hundreds of individuals and families for over 30 years. I have worked with struggling relationships, whether alternative or traditional; living on a financial edge; young adults finding their way; older adults searching for meaning in life; resolving spiritual & religious conflict. My expertise includes catastrophic illness, infertility and miscarriage.

Going to counseling shouldn’t add more financial stress to your life. So I offer both flexible hourly fees & Sunday availability. For those in need, your household size & income determine your fees. Teachers get $20 off sessions during school holidays. Additional discounts are available. My goal is to make emotional wellness affordable for all. Read more about how I work at & tracymorris.tribesites.comI can be reached at 325-261-3566

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