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The Spectrum Center Writers Guild is designed and directed by writing teacher Max Regan, founder of Hollowdeck Press in Boulder, Colorado, and Rosa Glenn-Reilly, founder of the Spectrum Center in Houston, Texas.

Rosa Glenn Reilly

Our intent is to awaken the curiosity, fearlessness and passion of those who love to write. The foundation of this writing community is our belief that writing is a practice as well as a craft.


We offer classes, workshops, online classes, retreats and private coaching sessions to writers working in any genre, from memoirs to essays, from novels to experimental texts, from performance projects to the single, well-crafted poem. We welcome individuals who want to close the distance between their desire to write and writing itself.

For beginning writers we offer ideas to get you started and chances to laugh, remember, imagine, notice, experiment and possibly surprise yourself. For working writers we offer skills and techniques to help improve and expand your work. In classes we investigate inspiration, expansion, revision and look at the ways in which our work can be released into the world. Together we write, discuss our work and offer constructive feedback that will be genuinely useful to the author.


We believe in creating an honest, skillful and non-competitive community where writers  support one another to bring their own work to life. We encourage each individual to find the work that honors their own voice and bears witness to their own experience and imagination.

In classes we learn how to merge our art with the knowledge and discipline that allows us to get out of our own way. As writers we are called, both to write, and to create intentional lives in which our writing is always welcome. In other words, we believe that life is way too short to not write what wants and needs to be written.


For writers who have specific projects or questions, Max Regan offers private, one-on-one coaching sessions, in person and by phone. Writing clients use this time to talk about poetry, fiction, prose, writing, publishing or methods of organizing their writing space at home. In-depth feedback on their specific book, poem, manuscript, project, performance, story, novel or idea is available, as well as coaching from first draft to final manuscript.

An initial consultation often begins with in-depth conversation about where you are in your writing life, where you want to go and how to move forward with energy and focus. Working sessions run anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. The rate for Private Coaching is $90 per hour. To check availability or to set up a time, please send an e-mail to Max .

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