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Writing Classes and Workshops

Fill Your Notebook Class
via Zoom
with Max Regan

Saturday, July 18
1-5pm CST     $100

Workshops and craft classes are great, but what we most want to do as writers is just to WRITE! We all want to fill some pages in our notebooks and feel the discovery and thrill of a new idea. This is your chance to get a new spark of inspiration to get you writing!

In this class we will try a series of wild writing experiments and exercises to fill as many pages in your notebook as you can in 4 hrs. Don’t worry, you won’t be staring at the Zoom screen the whole time. I will give a number of exercises, craft ideas and prompts, then you can step aside from the zoom screen and spend some time writing on your own. After awhile we will regather and talk about what we got.

Together we will experiment with lead lines, found texts, memory threads, imagination diving boards, and other simple fun tools to help you walk away with new ideas as well as new possibilities for how to expand your on-going work. For this class we don’t care about finished or perfect texts, no corrections or edits, just pure discovery, inviting that moment when you surprise yourself. The class is open to any writer in any genre, no experience necessary.

To Register, email Rosa to put you on the  class list.
Then to pay, go to Max’s website, scroll to the bottom of the Home page and follow the PayPal instructions.

Beyond Bootcamp 
11-Week Email-Based Writing Class
with Max Regan

July 13 – September 27

For writers who want to build a weekly writing practice with some inspiration, structure and accountability as we move into the Fall, then this might be the class for you.

The Beyond Bootcamp Class is a bridge class, it runs 11 weeks in the window of time between the 10-Day July Bootcamp and the October Bootcamp and moves from a focus on daily writing goals to weekly writing goals.

Every Monday morning for 11 consecutive weeks you will receive via email an assignment sheet.  It will have one craft idea to support your writing practice and three optional exercises. These will include things like Lead Lines, Prompts, Story Starters, etc. and can be used to create or expand work in any genre.

The assignment sheets for the Beyond Bootcamp class are unique, they include both Customized Curriculum (writing craft notes and exercises built in response to specific needs and questions asked by writers in the class) as well as Expanded Curriculum (including wild experiments, image-based exercises, text examples, publishing opportunities and writing craft articles and resources) .

Each Sunday you email to Max up to 2000 words or up to 4 pages of work. 

Many More Details!

This class is open to writers in any genre, any level of experience.
All are welcome!

To Register, email Max to put you on the  class list –
Then to pay, go to Max’s website, scroll to the bottom of the Home page and follow the PayPal instructions.


July 2020

Breaking Open The Book


Online Lecture Series
with Max Regan

Friday, July 24
4:00 – 6:00pm   CST

$45.  Bring a friend: 2 registered together: $35 each
Seniors over 60, veterans and students: $35

You do not have to read the book selection to join this series and learn valuable writing skills. If you do want to read the book, we suggest Audible Books or your independent bookstore.

Book selection for July:
Beacon 23
by Hugh Howey

For centuries, men and women have manned lighthouses to ensure the safe passage of ships. It is a lonely job, and a thankless one for the most part. Until something goes wrong. Until a ship is in distress. In the twenty-third century, this job has moved into outer space. A network of beacons allows ships to travel across the Milky Way at many times the speed of light. These beacons are built to be robust. They never break down. They never fail. At least, they aren’t supposed to.

With Beacon 23, best-selling author Hugh Howey delivers white-knuckle suspense, with aliens, war, and madness all combining in a story of one man living aboard a beacon and his battle against the solitary blackness of space. This is a spectacularly told tale of one man’s experience with guilt, love, bravery and hope. 

 Breaking open a book means we look not just at the story but also at the writer’s craft that brought it to life. How is the plot shaped? Who are the characters and how do they transform? What role does landscape and era play? Is the style colloquial? Formal? Lyrical? What are the turning points and plot twists? Who is the author and how was the book written and sold? And, most importantly, what are the tools, techniques and writing experiments we can try in our OWN creative ways based on the opportunities the book offers us? 

All types of writers can learn great moves from studying a great novel.  Even if you never read Sci Fi, this story will capture you. We welcome everyone, fiction and non-fiction writers, poets and readers of every kind! 

To Register, email Rosa to put you on the  class list.
Then to pay, go to Max’s website, scroll to the bottom of the Home page and follow the PayPal instructions.

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