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Writing Classes and Workshops

Spectrum Center Writers Guild

Our intention is to awaken the curiosity, fearlessness
and passion of those who love to write.



Poetry For The Rest of Us

with Max Regan

Next Saturday, November 3

1:00 – 5:00pm        $125; $220 for both classes

 “Poems are not words, after all, but fires for the cold, ropes let down to the lost, something as necessary as bread in the pockets of the hungry. Yes indeed.”   – Mary Oliver

Poetry is one of the last, truly rebellious art forms left on earth. It’s fun to write, well nigh impossible to sell, and has a lineage that spans everyone from Sappho to Bob Dylan.

Some poetic forms have strict rules and rich histories, but modern forms of poetry are ruled only by the writer’s imagination and creativity. Poems can be funny, political, intimate, narrative or anything in between, and they have the power to capture language with an urgency and grace that is totally unique.

Together we will begin to unpack the great adventure that is poetry, playing with words, ideas, sounds and forms. We will examine different poems by different writers from a wide range of lineages, and then try writing some of our own.

This class is open to experienced poets, part-time poets, prose writers, novelists, memoirists, essay writers, anyone who wants to cross-train and strengthen their writer’s craft!

  For more information or to register, contact Rosa 

Writing as a Way of Healing

with Max Regan

“Stories are antibodies against illness and pain”

–Anatole Broyard

Next Sunday, November 4

1:00 – 5:00pm        $125; $220 for both classes

The connection between the art of writing and the healing journey is a well-documented relationship. In fact, recent research has proven the link between self-expressing through writing and startling improvements in an individual’s health, including increased immune function, reduction of depression and over-dependence on medications, and as a new strategy to help manage physical, spiritual and psychic pain.

As writers, we also know that our craft and the comfort of words can help us heal from traumatic losses, giving us steady ground from which to negotiate the changes and transformations in our lives. Together we will discuss this connection and try some exercises designed to uncover how the practice of writing might support you in your healing journey.

This class is open to writers in any genre, any level of experience, and, also, to those who do not consider themselves writers.  All are welcome!  

  For more information or to register, contact Rosa