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Writing Classes and Workshops


Masks and Myths 

Bringing Characters to Life

with Max Regan

Saturday, September 14

1:00 – 5:00pm        $125; $220 for both classes

 Every great character that enters a story, in both fiction and non-fiction, is entirely unique. And the most compelling characters are never entirely what they appear to be. Every character, real or imagined, wears a “mask” of some kind, and in a great plot the secret beliefs, desires and strengths of those characters is revealed.

Classic Mythology tells the stories of god and goddesses, of mythical creatures and epic struggles. But modern mythology is often simply a scaled down version of those same mythic ideas. When we create heroes, villains, central and supporting characters how do we move behind the masks and beyond myths and stereotypes to make those people feel real and authentic?

Together we will try some simple and fun exercises designed to bring vibrant characters to life.  Writers of all genres and levels of experience are welcome.

For more information or to register, contact Rosa. 

The Wild Imagination Workout

with Max Regan

Sunday, September 15

1:00 – 5:00pm        $125; $220 for both classes

When we were children, we lived easily in the vast, unique and magnificent world of the imagination. It was the world where anything was possible! As we grew older, we were required to distinguish between imagination and “real” life. As writers, part of our work is journeying back to that vast world, exploring the millions of possible ideas and stories that can emerge from the waking dream of pure creativity.

Together we will imagine and create texts from the unique territory of our own minds and hearts. We will discuss ten specific ways in which imagination can strengthen your work in EVERY genre, from fiction stories, to poetry and memoir. All you need is your imagination and your willingness to experiment!

Writers of all genres and levels of experience are welcome. 

For more information or to register, contact Rosa 


October Writer’s Online IMAGINATION Bootcamp

October 1-10, 2019


Have you ever wondered what you are really capable of as a writer? This is an easy, email-based class for folks who want to generate some creative text in any genre and receive support and feedback along the way. Bootcamp classes are offered February 1-10, July 1-10 and October 1-10.  The main focus of these 3 annual Bootcamp classes is to help writers make energetic, easy first drafts.  

 Writers of Non-fiction as well as Fiction are welcome in the class! 

In this Bootcamp Intensive, you will write 1000 first draft words a day, building a daily practice and ending up with 10,000 words total. Each day there are new daily exercises and prompts to inspire your writing, as well as a way to connect with fellow writers in your Bootcamp. You will send your daily writing to Max via email every night by 12:01. Max will read each text, make notes and at the end of the 10 days you will have a follow-up phone call with Max to discuss your work.

This online class is limited in size and fills quickly.

To register, please contact Max Regan at maxregan@mac .   




We are inviting book lovers into the art and science of reading as a writer. When we dive into a great book with the writer’s eye we learn to see beyond whether we “like” a book and instead use every part of a successful book to make us stronger readers and stronger writers.

You do not need to be a writer to enjoy this series!

Breaking Open The Book 

Exploring the Novel

Friday, November 1

4:30 – 6:30pm

$55.  Bring a friend: 2 registered together: $45 each

Seniors over 60, veterans and students: $45

Arrive early so we can begin on time. Snacks will be available.

It is our hope that you can be with us late afternoon and still have your evening.

This series will continue in 2020.

Book selection for November:

Where The Crawdads Sing, a first novel by Delia Owens

Set in the 1950s it revolves around a young woman named Kya, who grows up alone in rural North Carolina. Known by others as the Marsh Girl, she lives alone in nature until a complicated love brings her into the dangerous community of her town. Part murder-mystery part nature journal, it is an evocative and surprising book.

 Breaking open a book means we look not just at the story but also at the writer’s craft that brought it to life. How is the plot shaped? Who are the characters and how do they transform? What role does landscape and era play? Is the style colloquial? Formal? Lyrical? What are the turning points and plot twists? Who is the author and how was the book written and sold? And, most importantly what are the tools, techniques and writing experiments we can try based on the opportunities the book offers us?

Remember, you don’t have to be a fiction writer to learn great moves from studying a novel; we welcome non-fiction writers, poets and readers of every kind! We will tackle a Memoir in the next class in the series in March 2020 and a collection of Poetry at our series class next July.

To hold your place in November, contact Rosa 

November Workshops

The Takeaway:

Experiments in Narrative Non-Fiction

Saturday, November 2

1-5pm $125 / $220 for both classes

In every great Memoir book and Narrative Non-Fiction essay or blog there is a moment where the author shares something of great value with the reader, something practical that helps them see their own life differently. This might be a subtle lesson learned or a funny insight or a serious realization or just a new and innovative way of looking at something. In writing craft we call this The Takeaway.

We each collect a million Takeaways over the course of our lives. Each of us has lived a unique and amazing life and this class is a chance to experiment with writing from your own insights and takeaways, by telling us the stories by which you learned those lessons that have mattered most to you.

Together we will play with exercises that honor the lives we have led and those we are now living. No formal experience in writing is required all you need to bring is your memory, sense of humor and willingness to surprise yourself. Anyone with a desire to bring their own life experience onto the page is welcome.

Poetry For The Rest of Us

Sunday, November 3

1-5pm $125 / $220 for both classes

If you think poems are formal and antiquated, always requiring rhyme and meter, usually written in the 17th Century and only extolling the virtues of courtly love, then this class is designed to destroy those stereotypes once and for all!

Poetry, more than any other genre, encourages wild and creative experimentation. Poems are visual experiments in sound and meaning, and they can be about any subject, from the mundane to the scandalous, from the political to the everyday. They can be written in any style, from roaringly funny to deadly serious, at any length, from 3 lines to 3,000 .

In this class we will try our hands at different styles, forms and types of poems, including inventing some of our own. For prose writers and working poets alike, we will harness some of the alchemy and bravery necessary to allow great poems to emerge.

Open to any interested writer, no experience necessary.

For more information or to register, contact Rosa. 

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