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Writing Classes and Workshops

Spectrum Center Writers Guild


Our intention is to awaken the curiosity, fearlessness and passion of those who love to write.

25 Acts of Imagination
with Max Regan

Saturday, September 29
1:00 – 5:00pm       $125; $220 for both classes

As children we lived in a World of the Imagination, a vast, wild, undiscovered continent that lives just under our skin, where anything is possible. This was a world where reality didn’t bother us, we felt free to invent heroes, villains, exotic places, daring plots, talking animals, flying cars and a million other pieces of pure invention. They called this “Play” and it was a vital part of being young.

As adult writers, it can be hard to remember how to play, but in this one-day class we will remember how it’s done. Together we will talk and write together about the role of the imagination, not only for Fiction writers but for memoirists and poets as well. And we will each walk away with 25 Imagined elements, characters, plot points, places, words, names, titles, and other things that might spark our writing lives! 

This class is open to writers in any genre, any level of experience. 
All are welcome!  
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The Power of Scenework
with Max Regan

Sunday, September 30 
1 – 5:00pm    $125; $220 for both classes

Scenes are the part of story-making where your reader is most awake and excited. As readers of both fiction and memoir, we follow the moment-by-moment action in a scene as if we were watching a movie, wildly curious about what will happen next! As writers we build our scenes to make the reader feel and experience and know vital things about what’s happening in the story.

Together we will experiment with writing scenes and talk about the effect you want your scenes to have on the reader. Do you want to make the reader curious? Do you want your reader to fall in love with your main character? Or make them afraid of what might happen next? What elements of a scene will create this effect? If you have ever told a story to family and friends that made them laugh or cry or ask “what happened next??” then you can write scenes! 

This class is open to writers in any genre, any level of experience. 
All are welcome!
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October Writer’s Online IMAGINATION Bootcamp

October 1-10, 2018

Have you ever wondered what you are really capable of as a writer? This is an easy, email-based class for folks who want to generate some creative text in any genre and receive support and feedback along the way. Bootcamp classes are offered February 1-10, July 1-10 and October 1-10.  The main focus of these 3 annual Bootcamp classes is to help writers make energetic, easy first drafts.  In October we tackle the Imagination and in February we tackle Editing and Revision. 

In October, the Daily Craft Notes focus on different aspects of working with the Imagination. Each Bootcamp class has NEW daily exercises which can be used to create work in any genre, from memoir to poetry to stories to notes. You can use these prompts, change them or ignore them entirely and do your own thing; it’s completely up to you. Writers of Non-fiction as well as Fiction are welcome in the class! 

Everyone has an imagination. Ever wondered what the couple at the next table was talking about? Ever guessed at how the movie was going to end? Ever had a dream that you thought would make a great story?

That’s your imagination at work.

In this Bootcamp Intensive, you will write 1000 first draft words a day, building a daily practice and ending up with 10,000 words total. Each day there are new daily exercises and prompts to inspire your writing, as well as a way to connect with fellow writers in your Bootcamp. You will send your daily writing to Max via email every night by 12:01. Max will read each text, make notes and at the end of the 10 days you will have a follow-up phone call with Max to discuss your work.

This online class is limited in size and fills quickly.
To register, please contact Max Regan at maxregan@mac .