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Writing Classes and Workshops

Spectrum Center Writers Guild Schedule

Our intention is to awaken the curiosity, fearlessness and passion of those who love to write.

The Art of Co-Editing:

Short and Long Fiction

with Max Regan

Saturday, March 17

1:00 – 5pm       $125; $210 for both classes

As writers, we often study our craft by learning the principals of strong writing or the principals of strong editing. But we often get stuck when we head back to our desks alone and try to apply those principles to the actual texts we are writing.

Co-Editing is a hands-on practice in which an author and a Developmental Editor sit down together, not just to talk about ideas, but to go line by line through working texts to experiment with edits and changes that might make that text stronger.

In Saturday’s class we will do this by looking together at some samples of mainstream fiction in different stages of development. We will look at samples of portraits, descriptions, narrative and scenework in both short stories and novels. We will practice expanding and editing sample texts, putting ideas and tools to work in real time to see how stories can be expanded and edited to come more fully to life.

These two classes can be taken separately or together as a series. Remember, the techniques used in learning to edit fiction can also improve your skills as a non-fiction writer or poet.

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The Art of Co-Editing:

Non-fiction, Memoir and Poems

with Max Regan

Sunday, March 18 

1:00 – 5pm    $125:  $210 for both classes

In Sunday’s class we will practice the same Art of Co-Editing, this time looking together at specific sample excerpts of Memoir/ Creative Non-Fiction Essays and full-length Memoirs, as well as a few poems.

What principles of editing make an essay come to life? How do we strengthen Memoir chapters and stories? What are the questions we ask to edit a poem and what does an edited poem really look like? We will go line by line through texts in these genres and together learn how to retain the heart, voice and meaning of a text while improving its structure, clarity and language.

Remember, the techniques used in learning to edit Non-Fiction and Poetry can also improve your skills as a Fiction writer.

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