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Zilla Adams, BFA, CHTP, CEFT, MH


Zilla Adams, BFA, Certified Healing Touch, Certified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Advanced Reiki, MA Clinical/Medical Hypnotherapy  We all know that healing takes place on many levels; in the body, emotions, mind and spirit.  As an energy healer, I offer non-invasive modalities that impact those levels in deeply positive and holistic ways, bringing balance, harmony and wholeness to my clients.  I earned Certifications in Healing Touch (1998), TFT Thought Field Therapy (2004), EFT (2012), and a MA in Clinical/Medical Hypnotherapy (2013).  I have worked in numerous hospitals, including Kaiser Permanente, HI, and Stanford University Medical Center, CA.

I intentionally combine these four energy-based therapies to create the most comprehensive healing results possible for each individual client.  Healing Touch works on the bio-energetic electromagnetic field of the person, thus it is working at the SOURCE of self healing.  In TFT and EFT, the client uses their fingers to tap on their own meridians (acupressure points) to quickly release disturbed or negative emotional states, and rapidly restore peace of mind.  Clinical/Medical Hypnotherapy works to naturally eliminate negative thoughts, conditions and habits, and to reestablish positive mindsets and positive behaviors.  All work is prescription free.

I cordially invite you and your family to join me and achieve truly gratifying self healing.  THANK YOU!  Please call: 808-280-3111. All sessions are by appointment only.  THE FIRST 20 MINUTES OF YOUR FIRST APPOINTMENT ARE FREE!  ASK ME ABOUT THAT. and

“Nothing binds you except your thoughts. Nothing limits you except your fears. Nothing controls you except your beliefs.”

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